Welcome to my personal blog. In this blog I share my thoughts on data, its value, how different technologies, tools and methodologies – spanning information architecture to artificial intelligence – can be leveraged to help discover new insights that potentially yield smarter business outcomes.

I spend a lot of time engaging with clients across many industries. Innovation, quality, time to value, trust are some of the key themes that arise. Artificial intelligence can be a valuable asset in all of these areas as well as helping address many of the toughest business and societal challenges that we face.

I view artificial intelligence as a journey, with each organization’s journey being unique based on their business challenges and their maturity across the vast technology landscape.

So join me, on my journey, as I explore all things data and artificial intelligence.

Shameless plug >>> If you’re looking for a book to read, in 2019 I co-authored Artificial Intelligence Evolution and Revolution.

— Steve.

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