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Announcing IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.5

On June 28 2022, IBM announced Cloud Pak for Data 4.5, with planned availability for June 29, 2022.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 offers new functionality and features designed to help organizations connect with their data and drive intelligent business outcomes.

Some of the highlights of the 4.5 release are:


Disruption-free backups and disaster recovery (DR) – highly sought-after features for a Data and AI platform. Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 administrators are able to take frequent backups that are online and disruption-free.  Given the mission-critical nature of the Cloud Pak for Data platform, this new capability, coupled with Spectrum Protect Plus for Active-Passive DR, can help significantly reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) / Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for enterprise workloads and availability.


Security is top of mind for organizations. This release introduces additional Identity Access Management (IAM) capabilities including:


As installation is a key part of the user experience the following enhancements are part of the 4.5 release:

New and enhanced services

Many service-level enhancements were introduced into Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 across machine learning execution engines, decision optimization, analytics portfolio, hybrid data management, master data management, z Systems support, and open source components. Some of the innovations and improvements in data fabric, business analytics, and data management missions are listed below:

Data Fabric

With intelligent knowledge catalog capabilities, organizations can elevate their data into enterprise assets that are governed globally regardless of where the data is stored, processed, or used. Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 delivers new and enhanced data fabric capabilities across four entry points:

Business Analytics

Organizations rely on Business Analytics for deep insights into their data. Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 provides this enhanced support:

Data Management 

Data source services strive to extend the functionality of Cloud Pak for Data. Here are some of the enhancements in the 4.5 release:


IBM zSystems serve business critical transactional workloads to the majority of the world’s top 500 enterprises and hosts the some of the most relevant business data that are key to deriving actionable insight and digital transformation. IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 integrates IBM zSystems data across the data fabric scenarios. It helps unlock access to some of an enterprise’s most valuable and sensitive data whilst retaining control and oversight over that asset, maintaining high levels of security and compliance and at the same time benefits from IBM zSystems qualities of service.

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