A New Redbooks Publication “IBM Cloud Pak for Data Version 4.5: A practical, hands-on guide with best practices, examples, use cases, and walk-throughs” .

“IBM Cloud Pak for Data Version 4.5: A practical, hands-on guide with best practices, examples, use cases, and walk-throughs”, was created at the request of customers whom I have interacted with over the years. Organizations have long recognized the value that IBM Redbooks provide in guiding them with best practices, frameworks and hands-on examples as part of their solution implementation. This book is a collaboration involving many skilled and talented authors selected from our IBM global technical sales, development, product management, Expert Labs, Client Success Management and consulting services organizations, leveraging their diverse skills, experiences and technical knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform is a unified, integrated and collaborative Data and AI platform, designed to help organizations Collect, Organize, Analyze data and Infuse Artificial Intelligence (AI) within and across business process and applications. Its ultimate goal is to deliver deeper business insights, thus enabling smarter business outcomes. IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers a set of capabilities core to a data fabric. A data fabric can help organizations improve productivity and reduce complexities when accessing, managing and understanding disparate, siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape. The platform offers a wide selection of IBM and third-party services spanning the entire data lifecycle. Deployment options include on-premises software version built on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and a fully or partially managed version that can run on the IBM Cloud, and other hyperscalers such as AWS and Azure. This IBM Redbooks publication gives a broad understanding of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data concepts and architecture, and the services that are available in the product. In addition, there are several common use cases and hands-on scenarios that will help users better understand the capabilities of this product.

For readers seeking best practices and real-world examples of how to best implement solutions while optimizing the value of existing and future technology, data and skills investments, it is my hope that you find this book useful.

Having read this summary, if you are interested in reading this Redbooks publication you can download it at no cost from the IBM Redbooks site.

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