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IBM watsonx – Scaling and Accelerating the Impact of AI with Trusted Data

At IBM THINK in May, IBM watsonx was previewed to much fanfare. I was present and witnessed firsthand the buzz and excitement from our customers as they learned about our new AI and data platform. IBM watsonx is a new AI and data platform that empowers enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of AI across the business by leveraging…

Db2 – 30 and 40 Years Strong

On June 7, 1983 a product was born that would revolutionize how organizations would store, manage, process and query their data.  Over the past 40 years Db2 has been on an exciting and transformational journey. In 1969, retired IBM Fellow Edgar F. Codd published his famous paper “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared…

Demos… This week: Data Visibility – Databand Integration with DataStage

Click to find out how to detect and resolve data incidents – and catch issues before they create costly business impacts.

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