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Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Revolution

I’ve just released the second print of a book I co-authored titled “Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Revolution”. Here’s chapter 8 – just as an extract that you might find interesting on the value of taking a hybrid multicloud platform approach for implementing Data and AI related projects. If you enjoy the read, a complimentaryContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Revolution”

Deciding Who’s Who in Cloud, Data and AI

Aspirations Every vendor aspires to be #1 in their marketplace – or be recognized as a leader in a particular segment. Vendors often overstate their offerings’ capabilities and characteristics to create the perception of unique differentiation over competitors.  While these may be easy claims to make, they can leave customers and prospects confused as to who’s whoContinue reading “Deciding Who’s Who in Cloud, Data and AI”

How to Demos… This week: AutoAI & Sharing your ML models as Notebooks.

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