Announcing IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.5

On June 28 2022, IBM announced Cloud Pak for Data 4.5, with planned availability for June 29, 2022. IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 offers new functionality and features designed to help organizations connect with their data and drive intelligent business outcomes. Some of the highlights of the 4.5 release are: Backup/Restore Disruption-free backups and disaster recovery (DR)Continue reading “Announcing IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.5”

Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Revolution

I’ve just released the second print of a book I co-authored titled “Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Revolution”. Here’s chapter 8 – just as an extract that you might find interesting on the value of taking a hybrid multicloud platform approach for implementing Data and AI related projects. If you enjoy the read, a complimentaryContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Revolution”

Deciding Who’s Who in Cloud, Data and AI

Aspirations Every vendor aspires to be #1 in their marketplace – or be recognized as a leader in a particular segment. Vendors often overstate their offerings’ capabilities and characteristics to create the perception of unique differentiation over competitors.  While these may be easy claims to make, they can leave customers and prospects confused as to who’s whoContinue reading “Deciding Who’s Who in Cloud, Data and AI”

Products That Sell Themselves – Why We Buy.

What makes us prefer one cola drink over another, or choose one vehicle manufacturer, particular clothing brand, or phone brand over another? While there might be one major factor, there are usually multiple factors or dimensions that help us make our choices — all of which add up to an overall satisfaction or quality score.Continue reading “Products That Sell Themselves – Why We Buy.”

Helping to Combat Fraud with AI-based Safer Payments

Buying online has become the norm for many people these days. Like many people, I’m focused on the buying experience and sometimes take for granted that my transactions will be secure and safe.  But behind the calmness of the online-store interface, organizations, particularly banks, face a constant threat of fraud – both internal and external –Continue reading “Helping to Combat Fraud with AI-based Safer Payments”

Db2 – the Database with AI, for AI.

As organizations embark or progress on their journey to AI, one of the most important aspects is making sure their data is ready for AI. IBM describes this journey as a series of steps as part of the AI Ladder: Collect, Organize, Analyze, Infuse AI.  IBM Db2 is primarily aligned with the Collect stage as shownContinue reading “Db2 – the Database with AI, for AI.”

A Beta to Help You Create a Data and AI Platform on Your Terms

Although more organizations are learning about the value of centralizing data management across hybrid multiclouds and infusing data science and AI into the infrastructure, not everyone has been able to do it. Maybe they lack the resources or capital expenditure. Or maybe they just don’t feel ready. These are the kinds of organizations we hadContinue reading “A Beta to Help You Create a Data and AI Platform on Your Terms”

Building Products that help Drive Business Success

Imagine you are at a recital or concert and one of the instruments in the orchestra, or a singer, is out of tune –– it affects the overall performance. Similarly, in my experience, there are a set of symbiotic tenets and disciplines when it comes to building and delivering software products that can help driveContinue reading “Building Products that help Drive Business Success”

The Data and AI Virtual Forum

Register now! Artificial Intelligence is the main ingredient the can help organizations quickly pivot in today’s environment and ensure a successful digital transformation. To scale AI, organizations need to overcome three common challenges: talent scarcity, data complexity and a lack of trust in AI systems. We’re launching a series of data and AI virtual forums,Continue reading “The Data and AI Virtual Forum”