Helping to Combat Fraud with AI-based Safer Payments

Buying online has become the norm for many people these days. Like many people, I’m focused on the buying experience and sometimes take for granted that my transactions will be secure and safe.  But behind the calmness of the online-store interface, organizations, particularly banks, face a constant threat of fraud – both internal and external –Continue reading “Helping to Combat Fraud with AI-based Safer Payments”

A Beta to Help You Create a Data and AI Platform on Your Terms

Although more organizations are learning about the value of centralizing data management across hybrid multiclouds and infusing data science and AI into the infrastructure, not everyone has been able to do it. Maybe they lack the resources or capital expenditure. Or maybe they just don’t feel ready. These are the kinds of organizations we hadContinue reading “A Beta to Help You Create a Data and AI Platform on Your Terms”


Welcome to my personal blog. In this blog I share my thoughts on data, its value, how different technologies, tools and methodologies – spanning information architecture to artificial intelligence – can be leveraged to help discover new insights that potentially yield smarter business outcomes. I spend a lot of time engaging with clients across manyContinue reading “Welcome!”